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Osaka Vacuum Cemical plant was founded in 1963 in Osaka, Japan. We are leading of variety plastic surface finishing process such as plastic electroplating, vacuum metalizing, spray and laser marking.

Land Area : 3,000 Sq Meter
Total Floor Area
: 3,500 Sq Meter
Total Employee : 60pax

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Our ovearsea operating base

We opened our first overseas manufacturing based “OVC(M)” in Malaysia in 2010.

Land Area : 4,177 Sq Meter
Gross Flower Area 
: 2,800 Sq Meter
Total Employee : 82pax (Contract Worker : 16pax)

We implement advanced technology aiming for extension of trade in South-East Asia.

Our technology enables various kinds of surface finishing such as “Pearl Bright Surfacing” that polished not too glazy to give luxurious feel.

Introduction of High Quality Production Facility

  1. Full Automation System
  2. Auto Regeneration System on Etching Process
  3. Mist Control System
  4. Disorder Detecting System

Introduction of Quality Assurance System

  1. Quality Analysis Instruments
  2. Engineering Evaluation Instruments for Development Stage

Proprietary system that enables the leading of all the processes from mold creation until completion of consistency orders.

By receiving consistent orders, we are able to provide one stop solution services for all the processes in house, monitoring of the delivery date, and will respond quickly to the changes in the specifications.

Furthermore, we had gained high reputation from customers with our strengthening proposals and planning capabilities.