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Humidity Chamber

Model: PL-2KP
Custodian: Dry Laboratory

  • 2011 vintage
  • Temp. Range : -40~+100°C
  • Humidity range : 20~98 %RH
  • Inner Dimensions : W500 x H750 x D600mm
  • Exterior Dimensions : W910 x H1590 x D973mm
  • Weight : 300kg
  • Power Supply : AC200V, 3φ, 50/60Hz
  • Operating time : Approx.200
  • Self Board : 2
  • Cable Port : φ50mm x1(Left)
  • Manual : Available
  • Others :RS-485, observation window and caster are attached

Thermal Shock Temperature Chamber

Model: TSA-101LA
Custodian: Dry Laboratory

Uniform thermal stress performances

The two-zone thermal shock chambers have been developed to meet major International standards for thermal shock testing.
Achieving uniform thermal stress and outstanding temperature distribution performances, the 100L test area fits for a wide range of applications in the field of research, development, inspection, and production.

Meeting International Standards

TSD chamber achieves various tests from major international standards such as MIL, IEC, JIS.

Reduced power consumption

Energy saving is a great matter for us. The TSD chamber integrates many features, such as a refrigeration capacity control, to reduce the power consumption by 30%.

Energy Efficient Design
Network solutions

Control and monitor your chamber on-site or remotely, edit and transfer programs from one chamber to another, and receive email alerts even on your mobile.

Thickness Tester

Model: TH-11
Custodian: Chemical Lab


  • Applicable to the thickness of almost alloy metallic coating: copper, nickel chrome, zinc, tin, silver, gold, copper-zinc alloy and tin-lead alloy, further, cadmium, electroless nickel (Ni-P), tin-zinc alloy, lead and iron using.
  • Automatically setting the gasket calibration data, calculating alloy change conversion and de-electrolytic operation.
  • This tester measurement conformed to JIS H8501 and ISO 2177.


Dimension Measurement Machine

Model: IM-7020
Custodian: Dry Laboratory

Measurements Performed in Seconds
Drastically reduce the amount of time and effort required for inspection. With conventional methods, measurement time increases in relation to the amount of dimensions taken. Up to 99 dimensions can be measured in seconds.

Measurement Results Are Automatically Recorded
Measurement data is automatically saved and managed as soon as a part is measured. Inspection reports can also be created with the push of a button to increase post measurement work efficiency.

X Ray Thickness Machines

Model: SFT9200
Maker: Seiko Instruments Inc.
Custodian: Dry Laboratory


  • Film Analysis FP software enable s highly precise measurement of coating thickness even with contoured sample
  • Collision prevention sensor makes contoured sample safe to use. Easy focus operation with the laser focus mechanism
  • Easy to observe microscopic areas, aquiooed with four-step zoon (option)
  • Focus distance toggle mechanism enables measurement of low area sample with height
  • Incident lighting makes easier to view

Salt Spray Machine

Model: CAP-90V-2
Custodian: Dry Laboratory


  • Salt Spray and CASS test instruments isolates and controls the spray solution and ambient air using the air barrier board.
  • stabilizes and controls the fluctuation of the pH using the direct steam heating system.
  • The mist dispersion tower system provides uniform distribution of the Salt mist.